Types of Footwear for Women | 10 Must-Have Shoes in your Wardrobe

Types of Footwear for Women | 10 Must-Have Shoes in your Wardrobe

What makes or breaks a look quicker apart from a gentle smile is a killer pair of shoes? They can be just as important as your outfit itself, and we would not be wrong if we say that they are the cherry on top of every outfit. But, but, you of course don’t need thousands of options with your every outfit. Having a few pairs that you can wear with a wide variety of outfits is the key to go while buying shoes. You must have thought what are the types of footwear for women at least once. So let’s explore the ultimate guide with the 10 Types of Footwear for Women that are a must-have shoes in your wardrobe, and you’ll never have to get confused again, starting with the Types of Shoes that every Women should have in 2021.

Casual Kicks

First thing first, gym sneakers are not the same as casual sneakers. A couple of regular, easy-going kicks is a must to have in your closet. There are so many decent yet stylish sneakers available in the market. Pair it up with a basic tee and jeans, or with any slip dress, or a maxi you had long-forgotten in your wardrobe and you’ll shine around.

Classic Thigh High Boots

of Footwear for Women

That one pair for Fall and Winter season when you want to keep it stylish and cozy. A couple of thigh-high boots would be a great investment. It accompanies practicality and elegancy and that makes it one of the 10 Types of Shoes that every Women should have. 

Basic Flats

of Footwear for Women

One of the most common different types of footwear for ladies, Ballet flats (or the skimmer pads) are the most unmistakably answer to the ‘looking elegant and flawless while moving’ riddle. The basic ballet flats are easy-going and effeminate, which infers that you could wear them with dresses, skirts, and shorts. This makes them must-have shoes in your wardrobe in 2021.

Statement Heels

girl footwear types

One of the most adorable Types of Footwear for Women, a couple of truly attractive heels is an unquestionable requirement in each girl’s arsenal. Regardless of whether you get one with a vibrant tone, chic detailing, or a statement print, your statement heels ought to be the one you pair on with everything including evening dresses to cigarette pants, jeans. 

Ankle Boots

No, we still can not skip them. It is evident that these ankle boots have an enormous and loyal fan following. Their neutral design and comfortable heel will work well for you each time you wear it. Be it a long maxi dress, skinny jeans, or your pretty skater skirt these ankle boots are good to go with barely anything that makes it a must-have shoes in your wardrobe.

Nude Heels

what are the types of footwear for women

Nude heels are an absolute solution in completing your evening looks just as your more effeminate everyday outfits. They’re all-seasoners, suitable for everything and the best thing is it makes you look taller and slimmer. 

Summer Wedges

As suggested by the name, these summer wedges are for the time when it’s excessively hot out there. But you can also style it with your winter outfits as well. On a sunny day, it’s smarter to put on a pair of relaxed shoes. Pick a couple of wedges that are manageable to walk in and would match just as well with your winter dresses as it would with denim or shorts. 

The Classic Pumps

must-have shoes in your wardrobe in 2021

Getting a couple of cleaned pumps could never go wrong with any outfit. Pumps are the blend of classy and chic that can go with anything and would make you look elegant and bossy. With a traditionally stylish look that enhances your outfits, it is the only one on the list that can work with the workplace outfit or a night out as well. This makes it must-have shoes in your wardrobe this winter season.

Everyday Sandals 

must-have shoes in your wardrobe in 2021

A hundred times better than a couple of flip-flops. Since a few of us would like to go with flat sandals in summer, make sure you get in for a pair with a good design and comfort that your feet will thank you for. 


types of Footwear for Women

Smart brogues or loafers are likewise an absolute necessity in your closet. These could be your office-to-off the clock option in contrast to your easy-going sneakers with a preppy-cool twist.

Which among these 10 Types of Footwear for Women is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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