List of Different Types of Coffee: Your Ultimate Coffee Guide

List of Different Types of Coffee: Your Ultimate Coffee Guide

Who doesn’t love coffee? More than half of the world’s population drinks coffee on a regular interval. No wonder, it is the second most traded commodity in the world as well. Its origination is from Ethiopia as per historians. Brazil is the leading producer of coffee, blessing all the tired souls with the caffeine boost! But well, do you know the different types of coffee? No? So let’s explore the list of different types of coffee that people love to have across the world:

1. Espresso

List of Different Types of Coffee 2021

Espresso! Who doesn’t love it? Well, It’s not a blend or a bean as people think. It is regular coffee having a different style of preparation method. It’s prepared by pressurizing a small amount of boiling water through the finely grounded coffee beans. It’s generally thicker, stronger, and more flavored than its other variants.

2. Bica

bica coffee

Bica is a different types of coffee and is also known as Portuguese coffee in Lisbon. According to the pop-culture, it means to “Drink This With Sugar” or BICA- Beba, Isto, Com, and Acucar in Portuguese. Slow roasting at low temperatures and blending of Arabica and Robusta beans and brewing them with high water pressures. This makes a perfect cup of Bica.

3. Long Black 

List of Different Types of Coffee

It was invented by American tourists in Italy. It’s loved mostly by the inhabitants of New Zealand and Australia. This delicious drink requires only 2 ingredients- strong espresso and hot water. The espresso is then poured after the water is added to the cup to protect the Crema. It’s a thin, tan brown froth layer that develops after an espresso shot extraction.

4. Macchiato


In Italian, Macchiato means “stained” or “marked.” It’s made by splashing a small amount of milk in a slightly subdued espresso. The ratio of milk and espresso is not fixed, that’s why the taste of macchiato is different in different cafes. And well, is that  good debate as to why it is termed as a different types of coffee drink in many regions? In Portugal, a similar coffee is made known as café Pinagado. 

5. Ristretto

List of Different Types of Coffee

Ristretto is a more highly concentrated espresso coffee. To put it simply, less water and finely grounded beans are added to make a perfect Ristretto. The coffee is more concentrated and stronger. It’s made with the same amount of ground coffee but extracted with a finer grind using half as much water. A normal shot might look like a Ristretto, but in reality, it would only be a weaker, more diluted, shot.

6. Americano 

It means American Coffee. Americano differs from the long black by the sequence of putting water and a single or double shot of espresso. Here, the espresso is poured over or is diluted with hot water. A true Americano has a crema if the espresso is not broken. With its flavored aroma, it is one of the most demanded and different types of coffee drinks across the world.

7. Red Eye

List of Different Types of Coffee

It combines a one-shot espresso with a normal drip coffee. The name “red-eye” is inspired by the “red eyes” people get by staying awake overnight in flights. It has many variants depending on the Geography. Alaska calls it a “Sludge Cup” whereas Pacific Northwest keeps the name as simple as “Shot in the Dark”.

8. Cappuccino 

Different Types of Coffee

Traditionally, its 30% espresso, 30% steamed milk, and 30% frothed milk on top. It is named after Capuchin monkeys. It has many variations such as replacing cream from foamed milk. It can also be flavored with cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut.

9. Café Corretto

Types of Coffee

Linguistically it means “corrected coffee”. Made with different types of coffee beans, it is an Italian beverage, consisting of a shot of espresso with a small amount of liquor, usually grappa, sambuca, or brandy. and is made by combining two favorites of Italians- a small amount of alcohol and coffee! They are made with different types of coffee beans across the world, in Spain, it is also known as Carajillo and Kaffekask and Kaffepunch in Scandinavia.

10. Turkish Coffee

List of Different Types of Coffee

A unique coffee that has won the title of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. It is made in a cezve or an ibrik, which is a special small pot with a long handle made of copper and brass. To make a Turkish coffee, 1 cup of water and two full teaspoons of finely grounded coffee beans are used. Sugar is added during the brewing process and not after the coffee is made. Turkish coffee is simply full of foam and without foam, it’s simply a chagrin. Interestingly, Turkish coffee can also be used for fortune-telling in some parts of the world. And hence, we are declaring it as one of the most unique and different types of coffee in this list. (Not really :D)

11. Cowboy coffee

Different Types of Coffee

We know what you are thinking. This coffee takes us back to the basics-Heat and an old-fashioned decorated coffee pot. It’s also known as Camp coffee. Some chefs believe that salt is the secret ingredient to make a perfect Cowboy Coffee and some go with the eggshells. The most basic recipe is to simply add one tablespoon of coffee per cup of water, and then adding a pinch of salt and put on high flame. And your coffee is ready to drink.

12. Latte


Latte means “milk” in Italy. It has the same composition as of Cappuccino. The only difference is that Latte is milkier and isn’t as strong as the Cappuccino. It uses a single shot of Espresso to three parts of Steamed Milk. When served in a bowl in Scandinavia, it’s known as a Café Au Lait. And we can bet, this will be one of the most enriching coffee on this list of different types of coffee.

13. Irish Coffee

irish coffee

A perfect cocktail drink made from Irish Whiskey, Coffee, Sugar, and Cream. The Coffee is drunk by adding whiskey and cream. This startling flavor takes us back to a fine winter of 1943. It’s created by Joe Sheridan. It is one of the best flavored and different types of coffee served around the world!

14. Vietnamese Iced Coffee

coffee in the world

Café Da means “Ice Coffee” in Vietnamese. It uses Robusta Coffee Beans. Dark roasted coffee is added to hot water to get an amazing flavor. Sweetened Condensed Milk is the special ingredient of the coffee. A unique variation of it is also known as egg coffee of Ca Phe Trung is also served in cafes of Hanoi and Vietnam. It’s an unusual concoction of brewed coffee, chicken eye yolk, and condensed milk. The taste and texture of these are similar to tiramisu and eggnog. And we can bet, this will be one of the most strange and flavored coffee on this list of different types of coffee.

15. Mocha

mocha coffee

Perhaps the most adorable coffee in this list, Mocha is also known as Mochaccino. It’s a simple cup of cappuccino or a Café Latte with chocolate syrup or powder. Cappuccino is made with chocolate meanwhile Mocha is a coffee drink with Chocolate Syrup added, or as a serving thereof.

These are some of the different types of coffee drinks served across the world. Which among the list of different types of coffee is favorite? Let us now in the comment section below!

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