2021 Food Trends | Global Food Trends for 2021

2021 Food Trends | Global Food Trends for 2021

2020 was of course a year of unprecedented challenges posed before people in all the demography of the world. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that our lives turned upside down in the past year. Eating and drinking habits were a part of the same transitional change as dictated by the 2020 food trends. But it is still not equable to how the 2021 food trends or you can say 2021 nutrition trends have shaped the entire food industry in 2021. While many people had the assiduity to take up a healthy lifestyle or continue with the same, others delved into comfort food throughout the lockdown. 

But now when life has started to get on track, people have finally understood the importance of healthy eating habits and lifestyle. Health and nutrition stand at the forefront of almost every conversation. As building body’s immunity is the top priority in the present scenario with an infectious virus looming over us. Below we have listed down the top 3 2021 food trends that brought a revolution in the food landscape in 2021. 

1. AI-made food

AI Made global food trends

Artificial intelligence or AI has certainly taken over the world with a storm and it has become a part of our lives by making it a lot easier. But now they are cropping up on your plate and for all the good reasons. Recently, AI has been helping many food companies to create really amazing food items. 

For example, companies have started to create a protein that is identical to dairy protein and it is absolutely vegan-safe. This dairy-free protein is also being used by confectionery shops and ice cream companies to make ice-creams that tastes similar to dairy ice cream. Another company has used AI to make egg-replacer that tastes exactly like egg only it is not. Similar attempts are being made by various companies to make plant-based substitutes giving a thumbs up for vegans to enjoy almost everything easily.

2. Postbiotics

postbiotics food trend 2021
Fermented preserved vegetables in jar on wooden table.

You heard it right! A new player has joined the gut health game along with probiotics and prebiotics with the emerging 2021 food trends. While we all know prebiotics comprises food and probiotics are the supplements in the form of bacteria that takes care of our gut health; postbiotics are the end products or metabolites formed by fermentation of probiotics in the gut. 

These postbiotics tend to have many anti-inflammatories as well as antioxidant benefits. This will not only improve your gut barrier but also fortify your immune system. One can find postbiotics in food like kimchi, sourdough bread, or kefir. One can expect postbiotics in the form of supplements as well as in our daily diet.

3. Foods to help you fight the Climate Change

foods that reduce carbon footprint food trend 2021

If you were wondering how to help Greta from the comfort of your kitchen, here is how! It is no secret how food production accounts for a quarter of global greenhouse gases, contributing to climate change. But your food habits can help counter those effects. A unique initiative is taken by companies and restaurants where they let the customers identify food items on the menu with the least amount of carbon footprint. This will allow you to eat things in a way aligned to the values you believe in empowering you even more. 


With people still stuck at home in many parts of the world, it can be taken as a good opportunity to rediscover your food choices and enjoy life with food in a new way. There can be fun experiments you can do with your favorite food while keeping health at the forefront. The above-mentioned food trends are already in action but in the meantime, you can pick up your apron and saucepan and choose to eat healthily and with a reason and create your own 2021 food trends.

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